ars sacra :
Studies of models of reality in the past that reach us in words and pictures.

ars sacra :
Translation of old forms of expressions into the language of our time.

ars sacra :
New formulations of recognized reality for our time here and now.

ars sacra:
Approaching our unseen centre, around which we circle.

ars sacra:
The intension of a single aim for to the unity of all Beings,
where the Way, the Reality and the Life are ONE.

Agnes Hidveghy
Founder of ars sacra

Isenheimer Altar Kurs

23rd of September 2017 Agnes Hidveghy will held a one day seminar of the Altar in Isenheim in Colmar, Elsass. Don't miss!!

Text zur Woche

Regularly Agnes Hidvéghy is writing ideas about some specific themes.

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