The cosmic task of being born as a man or as a women


The cosmic task of being born as a man or as a women

We need a new kind of orientation for our time. To find this orientation enormous efforts are required from each and every one. The generations living in our time have the task to work out this orientation. It is up to us to find a new orientation to replace the worn-out forms of the past and to build up a tradition for the coming generations.

Finding this orientation begins with the knowledge about the nature of human beings out of a cosmic view. Spiritual traditions teach that our inheritance is of two different sources. From the “mother´s side” we are products of the evolution. Since “Big Bang” the universe developed so far, that it is able to create the complexity of a creature which is an animal plus intellect. On our “father´s side” the inheritance comes directly from the Creator – often called God. In every human being, man and woman, these two, in a way opposite, aspects of Unity meet and come together.

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