Christmas as My Painful Experience of the Incompleteness of this World And the necessity of the birth of John the Baptist


Agnes Hidveghy A chapter of the book “The Birth of Light”

The Figure of John the Baptist

John the Baptist is a powerful figure in the Christian tradition. However, he remains far away from our immediate experience, not only as a historic figure, but also as a personification of something that prepares the way for the birth of the Divine in us. The question: “What does he have to do with me?” is fully legitimate.

Although I knew about his special role as the inner witness and lived with this over many years, he remained for my understanding in a vacuum with his special function. I could not connect him with the concepts I was familiar with. Only after I had worked with the strong and painful memories of my childhood, it became clear to me where and what he is in my inner world.

I could verify him in my mature old age through the descriptions of my experiences at Christmas time in my early childhood. These memories of the state of being at that time became alive. Being a small child, I did not have the concepts to describe these experiences, but in the light of recognition the formulation now becomes possible.

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Jump off the blame-train! Reshad Feild

In the morning, my soul has gently emerged from sleep. The prayers before falling asleep were present in consciousness: I prayed for clarity; what is the cause of the suffering in the conflictual situation in which I am currently in.

I looked into the calm water, where no movement had taken away the clarity. I saw down to the ground: The crystal-clear water let me see to the depth where the pebbles shone by the light falling on them. Everything was calm and pure.

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About the Holy Spirit

This morning seemed to be a good time to talk.

Reijo: I am astounded when I see how long it takes to see anything, to understand the meaning of what is written or said. Examples of this are the meanings put into the expression “the Holy Spirit” or the “Holy Ghost”. I know that to fully understand anything it is important to let it grow; in this way, a more complete picture of the whole becomes visible.

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Birth of God in us

Birth of God in us

Without the virgin Mother, without purity and listening (and hearing) - the birth of God (in each of us) cannot take place. We need to "hear" the Word of God, to be able to give birth.

After hearing the Word, a long time is needed to let the child grow - He needs nourishment, which only the Mother can give. This is a long process and can take tens of years.

The main obstacle is how we can be able to purify ourselves to become the virginal Mother.

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Pentecostal Fire

Pentecost Icon

At the end of this Talk with Agi Reijo said: I like it the way you start talking every time with freshness as if you had forgotten all the reactive ways of expression and can start anew from the beginning. Agi: I only prepare myself and through that I get a theme, but I do not work it out in any way. It is formulated in me out of the present moment; what I express comes to me when we start talking.

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The Common Spiritual Background of the Cathedral of Chartres and the Altar of Isenheim

Two extracts of a book now available in electronic formats in PDF.

The Veneration of Mary, the Octave and the Enneagram:
The purpose of human being in the creation and the cause of his suffering.

In the world of appearances
Love manifests itself
as law.

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Hans Christian Andersen: Shadow

In very hot climates, where the heat of the sun has great power, people are usually as brown as mahogany; and in the hottest countries they are negroes, with black skins. A learned man once travelled into one of these warm climates, from the cold regions of the north, and thought he would roam about as he did at home; but he soon had to change his opinion. He found that, like all sensible people, he must remain in the house during the whole day, with every window and door closed, so that it looked as if all in the house were asleep or absent. The houses of the narrow street in which he lived were so lofty that the sun shone upon them from morning till evening, and it became quite unbearable. This learned man from the cold regions was young as well as clever; but it seemed to him as if he were sitting in an oven, and he became quite exhausted and weak, and grew so thin that his shadow shrivelled up, and became much smaller than it had been at home.

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Birth of Light

The Story of the Birth of Christ in Us


"God became man."
That is the Christmas message.
Here and now, in the present and
always, everywhere in the universe.

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Jelaleddin Rumi: It Is As It Is (Fihi Ma Fihi)

This is the first chapter of Jelaleddin Rumi's only known prose work originally published in English as "Discourses of Rumi". This original was translated by A. J. Arberry, published in 1961.
The present sample is from a version based on the Arberry translation, though with changes, and made by Doug Marman (Little Known Publications).

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Shaykh Naqshbandi Erzinjani: The Cities of the Soul

As I was wandering in this temporal world, Allah led me to a straight path. Walking on it in a state between sleep and awakening, as if in a dream, I reached a city which was enveloped in darkness.

It was so vast, I could neither see nor conceive of its limits. This city contained everything which was created. There were people from all nations and races. So crowded were the streets that one could hardly walk, so noisy was it that one could hardly hear oneself or others. All the ugly actions of all the creatures, all the sins known and unknown to me, surrounded me. In awe and amazement I watched the strange scene.

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Anonymous: The Hymn of the Pearl

Imbedded within the Acts of Thomas we find a beautiful and complete statement of a classic Gnostic myth describing the exile and redemption of the soul. The text is known both as the "Hymn of the Pearl" and occasionally as "Hymn of the Robe of Glory". What astounds most is that such a clear rendition of the Gnostic mythos survived within a text which residing for centuries on the shelves of orthodox archives.

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Hyemeyohsts Storm: The Story of Jumping Mouse

Written by in Seven Arrows (1972 Harper & Row, New York)

Once there was a little mouse. He was a busy mouse, searching everywhere, touching his whiskers to the grass, and looking about. He was busy as all mice are, busy with mice things. But once in a while he would hear an odd sound. He would lift his head, squinting hard to see, his whiskers wiggling in the air, and he would wonder. One day he scurried up to a fellow mouse and asked him, Do you hear a roaring in your ears, my brother?

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