Agnes Hidveghy

Agnes Hidveghy


Born in 1935
Grown up in Budapest, Matura
Teacher qualification for mathematics and physics
Married 1954, family
Escaped from Hungary 1957
Since 1957 living in Switzerland

My roots:

Religious upbringing in a living Christian environment. At 14 years of age contact with Indian philosophy – Ramana Maharshi, Vivekananda. In Switzerland, personal contact with Yoga philosophy and practice. At the same time, in the age of 24, dream analysis according C. G. Jung. Beginning the study of Astrology. Later study of Jewish mysticism with Friedrich Weinreb, and then Tibetan and Zen Buddhism. Practical work in a Gurdjieff group and education with Sufi ideas with Reshad Field.

  • Since my teens searching for female identity. This brought me to some understanding of the female aspect of God. (Unity)
  • Since 1960 Study of Astrology as a cosmological model, which entails universal concepts
  • Since 1972 the knowledge of the mystery of Dionysus through antique Greek artworks, first of all in the frescoes of the Villa dei Misteri in Pompeii.
  • Since 1980 the Retable of Isenheim as a Christian model of man as a cosmic being with his way of his fulfillment
  • Finding the way back to Christian mysticism, mostly through the New Testament, through the mystics and the icons of Christian Orthodoxy.
My request

Is to awaken the orientation given to all human being through the ideas, which are in the origin of creation – not to mix up with human concepts. If these ideas of Creation are touched, they work as an energy of transformation in human beings. Through this transformation is recognition possible, what leads to the fulfillment of the cosmic task of man. The recognition, the understanding and the appreciation of the female is necessary, because in it is the mystery of realization and fulfillment.

The knowledge of the last epoch can take creative forming only in its essence into the new age of Aquarius. The old pictures of the Pisces-age – painted or told in stories, built or within melodies – have to be put into understandable forms, translated into the language of our time, otherwise we lose precious information’s of universal value. I am working my lifetime on the investigation, translation, practical realization and on passing them on. This work led me in Christianity to the same elements that can be found in all the great spiritual traditions. It is necessary to clean these elements from the today fashionable psychological interpretations, with the aim, that the religion can bind us again to the dimension of our godly source. (Religio = bind back) Through this, we can fulfill our cosmic task - to become the connection between Heaven and Earth.

My activities (in German and in English):
  • Since 1960 praxis for astrological consultation: “New impulses for inner orientation”.
  • Accompany of inner processes, individual and in groups.
  • Impulses for new orientation in crisis.
  • Seminars with the Retable of Isenheim, with the frescoes of the Villa dei Misteri, Astrology and other themes, in Switzerland and other European countries.
  • 1985-2006 establishing and leading a center for spiritual work
  • Writer of books and articles.

The Breath is a central part of my work.

What can I offer?
  • Individual consultation
  • The understanding of the language in pictures
  • Orientation through the “Dream-pictures” spiritual Traditions of the past
  • To accompany on the orientation on the path
  • Different models of the structure of the Way. “There are as many ways as human beings in Creation – but there is only one Way”
  • To pass the Ideas (Plato) for people, who are working as therapists, do pastoral or social work with their own methods.
  • A Vision, according to the needs of our time, which is waiting as a project for realization
  • Ready and partly ready Manuscripts for publishing
What I need:
  • Translation
  • Help in the practical realization, in publication, and marketing
  • invitation for talks, seminars and guiding tours




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Thank you very much, also on behalf of the ars sacra team, for the financial support of my life's work as an expression of appreciation and making it possible to continue to make existing and future texts available free for all.
Agnes Hidveghy