Being and becoming

Only when we realize through the Inner Witness that we are dependent on what we encounter in life, of what is happening in our physical body, are we ready to make efforts to build something permanent and independent as our identity: A soul that is free from the tides of transience. A soul, which is no longer trapped in the reaction patterns of the past but participates in the present in the creation and participates creatively. A soul that does not automatically open and run a computer program at every "mouse click". A soul that is free of life–and–death, who can create meaningful things out of freedom, from every impulse. Is not that the freedom for which a deep yearning awaits realization in us?

The cosmic task of being born as a man or as a women

We need a new kind of orientation for our time. To find this orientation enormous efforts are required from each and every one. The generations living in our time have the task to work out this orientation. It is up to us to find a new orientation to replace the worn-out forms of the past and to build up a tradition for the coming generations.

Finding this orientation begins with the knowledge about the nature of human beings out of a cosmic view. Spiritual traditions teach that our inheritance is of two different sources. From the “mother´s side” we are products of the evolution. Since “Big Bang” the universe developed so far, that it is able to create the complexity of a creature which is an animal plus intellect. On our “father´s side” the inheritance comes directly from the Creator – often called God. In every human being, man and woman, these two, in a way opposite, aspects of Unity meet and come together.

My teacher Reshad Feild

What happened then was that I became instantly free. I felt a freedom, an openness and an easiness. I could breath and only then I knew in what kind of prison I had been. I understood what pride really is.

The essence of pride is feeling special. It does not matter where and in what one is special. This was then taken away; the pride was broken.

Talking with Agnes

This was beautifully expressed by Karlfried von Durckheim. He said: when the devil is knock-ing at your door, do not resist. It is stronger. If you run away from it, it will catch you. It runs quicker than you. If you begin to argue or to justify or to try to win with intellectual arguments, you will find that it is more intelligent, and you lose in this way as well. What is the essence behind all his? It is attention. Attention is energy. What Durckheim concluded with was: just recognize the devil, but do not give him your attention; attention is the only thing he wants, and he will do all he can to get it.


There is Sufi idée: “First the Crucifixion than the Birth of Christ.” We should take in us the SON-aspect of God from the cross of guilt. We should not martyr HIM with the thorn crone of the criss-cross of our associate thinking! We should not flagellate with the negative emotions of feeling inferior and superior! In this way can Christmas be prepared in us, the birth of Existence, as it is told in the story about Jesus of Nazareth. In everybody of us can it become a true story in the LIVING PRESENCE when we only recognise: Imperfection is not a guilt - Imperfection is a task

What the study of Isenheim altar can give?

The Isenheim Altar is more than a great work of art by a brilliant artist, called Grünewald. The altar contains the information that awakens the inherent knowledge in us about the HUMAN as a cosmic being. The knowledge of our place in the universal happening is touched, as only in this, the dignity of the human being is rooted.

The scenes of the Isenheim Altar describe the inner states and processes of man, which are clothed in Christian images, based on a cosmological model. This model is much older than Christianity. Only through a knowledge that is confirmed by our heart, we can understand, classify and transform our concrete experiences to the substance of our being.

The Isenheim Altar The Idea of Creation of the human Being and the personal Way of Realisation.  Introduction

The scenes of the Altar of Isenheim describe the inner states and processes of man, clothed in Christian images, based on a cosmological model. This model is much older than Christianity.

The Birth of Jesus

The birth of Being takes place always the first time and it happens always in the present. To express this properly is not possible with our language. The Eternal Present has not manifested through the birth of the historic Jesus just 2000 years ago, as it is misinterpreted by the church. This happening is neither in the past nor in the future. It is only possible to express it in the present; it is Eternal Present. It does not just happen on this planet, in this solar system, and it does not recur today, sometime or somewhere. In the creation it occurs The First Time, every time and everywhere. The birth of Being-consciousness takes place out of the actual creation in the present moment.

The Common Spiritual Background of the Cathedral of Chartres and the Altar of Isenheim

The Veneration of Mary, the Octave and the Enneagram: The purpose of human being in the creation and the cause of his suffering.

I am repeatedly asked, if the relationships and connections that I point out in works of "Sacred Art" could have been put in them intuitively. I consider this impossible, because of the demon-strable complexity of exact mathematical and geometrical ratios. It would be more of a miracle if such works had indeed been created intuitively rather than as a result of knowledge that we can hardly imagine or understand from our view of the world. Understanding these is the pre-requisite to be able to receive the essential message of Sacred Art.

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